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The World’s longest Zipline over open water in Khasab/Musandam – how to get there?

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Probably one of the most beautiful Zipline experiences in the world – The views from the Launching Platform are absolutely unique and breathtaking. Only the simple drive up to the mountain alone is an amazing experience.

But how to get to this amazing place? – It depends from where you trying to get to Khasab – all ways lead to Khasab: by AIR, by SEA and by Land.


If you come from Oman, there are daily flights with Oman Air from Muscat to Khasab except on Fridays. Flight takes about 55minutes and leaves from Khasab at 07:45 in the morning – you will reach Khasab at 08:50am

The Return Flights to Muscat depart as per now at 09:35am and you would land at 10:40am in Muscat (as these timings may change, please check prior with Oman Air)


Why not travel with the worlds’ fastest Ferry ? – in barely 6 hours, you reach Khasab from Muscat – the drive itself again an incredible picturesque experience on this luxury Ferry. Also for Visitors to Khasab, the perfect plan to continue to Muscat taking your car along.

Agent for the Ferry to book your ticket are the National Ferry Company (+968-95332046) – Check the Schedule directly with them.


Ideally you drive from the UAE side and take the Border Post at Al Dara. Coming from Dubai, it will take you including Border Crossing approximately 3 hours. If you do not have an Omani Car Insurance, you can comfortably get it at the Border (They have an insurance outlet with Kiosk which is 24/7 open and you can pay by card – options available for short term policies) – The coastal Road between Al Dara and Khasab is most probably one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world!

RAKTA, the Ras Al Khaimah Transportation Authority launched on 6th of October 2023 a bus Service operating Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: One Bus leaves at 08:00 am from Ras al Khaimah going to Khasab and in the same time one bus leaves from Khasab to Ras al Khaimah. Departure from Khasab would be as per now at 18:00 – Checkout HERE to find out all details about this trip.

VISA for Tourists and GCC Residents:

Visas are available at the Khasab Oman Border Crossing for UAE resident visa holders and tourist visa holders. Oman now offers visa-free entry to GCC residents depending on their nationality, but you still need to carry original passports for stamping.​ The UAE exit fee​ is 35 AED​ per person. The Oman visa fee is 50 AED​ per person. The total cost per person is 85 AED. Visa requirements at the border:

Please check regularly Visa regulations as per your passport – HERE you can apply online for Tourist visa –

For more information or questions please contact the Oman Adventure Center – we are always happy to assist you!


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