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The world’s longest zipline over the sea will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Nothing is more breathtaking than 1,800m hovering at 80kph



Enjoy an adventure and embrace the natural beauty element, and be ready to face obstacles and overcome fear.

Stunning panoramic scenes… that brings you closer to Musandam Governorate’s geographical mix


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The Oman Adventure Centre, is a new fully integrated adventure centre being developed in Musandam by the OMRAN Group, in collaboration with Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and the Office of the Minister of State and Governor of Musandam, and is operated by Leisure and Entertainment Operations Services (LEOS). Once fully operational, it will offer a variety of adventure activities and leisure tourism experiences to visitors from across Oman and all over the world. The highlight of these activities is the Musandam Zip Line.

Leisure and Entertainment Operations Services (LEOS), is the company contracted to operate and manage the Musandam Adventure Centre and the Musandam Zip Line. They are leader in providing unique adventure experiences with the highest levels of security and safety, and have extensive management and operating experience at regional and international levels.

Standing at a staggering length of 1,800m, the Musandam Zip Line is the world’s longest zip line over water. It starts at Jebel Fitt and ends at a descent platform connected to the Atana Khasab Hotel. Along the way, the zip line offers breathtaking views of Khor Qadi and the Mokhi area over the coast of the Wilayat of Khasab, providing tourists with a truly unique experience that seamlessly combines adventure and exploration.

Safety has always been our highest priority with the Zip Line. Right from the initial stages of implementing the project, we worked to take all measures to ensure that visitors have a smooth and safe experience. All elements and components of the zip line were subjected to a wide range of tests by specialised teams from the Ministry of Defense, the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority and the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism. Moreover, prior to its official opening, extensive security and safety tests had been carried out per the guidelines and requirements of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism. We are also taking all safety precautions in line with global standards when operating the Zip Line.

The Adventure Centre will be open from [time] to [time] from [day] to [day]. The Zip Line will be open from [time] to [time] every day.

Just head to base of Jebel Fitt in Musandam and drive up the Jebel Fitt Street till you reach the Adventure Centre.