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Who is Oman adventures ​

Discover the Oman Adventure Center, your gateway to thrilling adventure experiences in Khasab, Musandam. Experience the world's longest zipline over open water, enjoy Padel Tennis, witness dolphin sightings, enjoy Tradition, Culture, good food and much more!!! Easy to find, the Oman Adventure Center is connected to the Atana Khasab Hotel, a 4-star retreat with a picturesque pool and delightful seafood offerings. Booking your adventure is simple - check out our experiences or contact us via email, WhatsApp or simply call us. We're excited to welcome you soon!

Who is Omran

Omran Group

Growth Through Tourism OMRAN Group creates sustainable and authentic tourism assets, lifestyle communities and destinations that drive economic growth and contribute to the diversification of the economy. We achieve our mandate by acting alone or as a catalyst in bringing together the strength of Government with the entrepreneurship of the private sector. We work with all stakeholders, partners, SMEs and local communities to ensure a positive physical, social, economic contribution to both the environment and people’s lives while respecting the traditional culture and environmental values of Oman. We are inspired by Oman’s beauty, peace and hospitality.

Who is LEOS


We are a company that was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing operational support to successful attractions in the international market. At LEOS, we specialize in streamlining operations, maximizing our clients' return on investment, and enhancing the guest experience. We work with governments, global leaders, national tourism bodies, innovative developers, and management consultants who share our commitment to adventure tourism, sustainability, and long-term partnerships. We are here to help design, develop, and deliver your ideas, goals, and long-term objectives. Thank you for considering us as your partner in the leisure and entertainment industry.